Members of the PWDs and DPOs made press statements in Mogadishu

On Thursday 8 February 2024 the disabled people members made a press statement for disability rights inclusion in Somalia.  Three meetings were organized in two weeks is discuss the national disability act draft bill in the federal government parament for the second reading in the last week.  The National Disability Agency mandate expires in June 2024. The CRPD Convention Right Persons with a disability is ratified in 2019 has not been implemented in Somalia.

The Members of the PWDs and DPOs participated in the meeting and discussed the three aforementioned issues that need solutions and improvement in Somalia for disability inclusion. The members participating in the meeting have presented their concerns about the corruption of the NDA and the lack of progress in the disability legislation in Somalia.  This worsens the disclinations against the disabled people in Somalia for the public and private sectors and services an important work that all people are entitled to enjoy equally regardless of gender, ethnicity, and disability.

The Members of the PWDs and DPOs who participated in the meeting in Mogadishu raised doubt there is stakeholders for the disability issue in Somalia that consist of donors, government institutions, and individuals who work the coordination of the disability inclusion programs with minimal participation of the PWDs in the beneficiary and zero coloration with DPOs the actors on the ground.

The Members of the PWDs and DPOs raised several points to be considered as a national priority for the disability people. Equality in the society, free barriers and participation of the society and policy in Somalia. A fundamental right of every citizen of Somali. They made a press statement in Mogadishu called action to the disability exclusion and injustice in Somalia.

The Members of the PWDs and DPOs are estimated to be nearly 15% of society according to the WHO international disability census.  Nearly 3.5 million people are without census and participation in their nations. The long-lasting traditional practices in Somalia worsen the situation. I idea that disability is not valuable who deserve nothing at all. Or evil reaction on the people suffering some form of impairment for his/her life in the short time and the longer term.

Members of the PWDs and DPOs made press statements in Mogadishu

  1. The federal government in Somali should look at the situation of the PWDs and DPOs. The establishment meeting with key decision-making organs in Somali.
  2.  review back and amend the national disability act draft bill in the parliament. Specifically, articles that may discuss exclusion and problems to the PWDs and DPOs and input for supportive ideas or articles for disability protection and inclusion in Somalia.
  3. The PWDs and Members of the DPOs call to the local and international the use of disability people rather than people with special needs. A mysterious sentence and words they have denounced to be nationalized in the country.
  4. The mandate of the NDA national disability agency expires next month, the Members of the PWDs and DPOs demanded accountability of budgets, work, and implementation for their duties in the last four years of the mandate.  They warned about undisclosed work for extension and manipulation of the PWDs and DPOs decision-making tables for their autonomy the PWDs and DPOs

The participants of the meeting

  1. Members from the Somali National Disability Council CSOs organization based in the Country
  2. The Somali disability inclusion cluster CSOs union that works the coordination of disability inclusion programs and processes in Somalia
  3. The members from the PWDs the students, youth, females, and gentlemen who worked the disability inclusion
  4. The directors of the schools, organizations, and institutions of disabled people in Somalia

Zero telomerase for the corrupt disability inclusion in Somalia

Zero tolerance is the exclusion of the partnership between the PWDs in the donors

Nothing about us, without us.