CRPD training workshop  is held for the displaced

On 30 June 2022  workshop  training the CRPD is held in the IDP camps for the disability. The workshop is organised by Somali disability network. The workshop is benefited the people in three IDP camps located Afgoye road corridor. The workshop is participated 40 persons most of them females from female house hold in the camps.

This is part of the SDN strategic plan to empower the PWDs and member of the families. The workshop is participated member PWDs,  DPOs, Camp heads, Merchant people in the area and Quran school teachers who all come from divert background in the area.

the CRPD Article 5  free from discriminations, art 6,7 women and children  should full rights in the society,  article 8,9,10 awareness, accessibility and right life. Art 11,12, and 13 protection  of risk, access humanitarian aid, access to justice. article 14 to 23  freedom expression. Liberty and independent life. Art 24 to 30  access basic life the education, health, employment, recreation, public and cultural role.  Art 31 to 39 statistic, implementation convention, reporting, establishment committee and monitoring.  All 50 articles of the convention are important for the protection PWDs and DPOs. But these articles are key that work best for the improvement of the social, human rights,  participation of  social, cluster and policy. As well as reporting and implementations.

All these an advantage for the PWDs and DPOs. Without information and knowledge of CRPD and disability act can make subjective to voiceless suffering human right violations.  We made this training workshop the empowerment of the community to be activist working in the villages. Special some of you can be CRPD ambassador who can make outreach and protection in their villages and places of work.

The head of the camp Axmed Mohamed told the participants to take the lessons and implement in the society in their homes and village. He added I thank to the team who did the work  are very good for the explanations of the book. We hope more other training the people are more than