Enhancing Women and People with Disability in the Electoral Process

On 21 Augusto 2021 Somali disability people campaign for the inclusive for all election event  is held in Mogadishu for the members of the disability people. Group of female  PWDs  presented their demand Somalia women quota the 30%. The campaign was interesting where members from the PWDs expressed their ambition  to join the candidate  of the election both the observers, voters and candidate for the election 2021 in Somalia

EISA has supported The program  for the  encouragement of the PWDs and the implementation of the CRPD obligations to insure the inclusion  of the program and project PWDs and DPOs. EISA is key partner of the SDC for the support of the PWDs and DPOs. With training and empowerment.

The panellist presented their commitment and talent to participate the election in Somalia 2021. They have shared inspiration ideas supporting them for the election.  An argument for the barriers of the election against the PWDs was disused with key question from the participants and the panelists answered

Most questions from participants were when we reach the quota of the Somalia PWDs political participation as women. When the international community realize the campaign of the PWDs Quota for Political participation. When the Somali Federal States and Federal Government realize the role of the PWDs nearly 20% of the society political participation quota.

The panelist  and moderator explained  the argument deeply to the participant with clear guide for the solution of the political participation for the PWDs. As some member states in Africa with PWDs quota in the parliament like Kenya and Uganda. Somalia PWDs demanded 5 persons from Somalia political power sharing 1 person each clans MPs. Candidate and competing for PWDs for the next election the year 2025

Somalia PWDs are very much enthusiastic  for the participation the  social land policy. There great number PWDs educated graduated from the local and international universities with first and second degrees  batch and master. These people are both physical and sensory disability mostly youth with disabilities.

Somalia Disability Cluster

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