The impact of the rains to the Somali PWDs

Heavy rains  started in Somalia that rain in Mogadishu in the capital city of Somalia  on 13 September 2021 the rain caused floods that swept part of the village in the city mainly the slum villages and the IDP camps hosting   large people as their homes. Most of the people are the poorest groups in the society mainly the people who displaced from  far regions escaping  from the disasters and some of the PWDs persons with disabilities who  are based in this areas for poverty and financial problems

The torrential   rains caused waves of floods that destroyed some streets and homes in the city. Many people  is faced problems from the rains. Some lost lives, wounds,  destruction of furniture’s and  member of disability who lost their mobility tools .  and victim  of the destroyed wall.

The members from the PWDs are more vulnerable to the heavy floods which endanger their lives in the raining time. An area without protection in the camps  the make shift room made from plastics sheets and sticks. And the teen roof made room in the slum villages.  In this time members of the cluster reported the damage  from the rains to the some groups of the pWDs

The cluster is preparing report to  circulate to the donors working the protection and humanitarian in the country to take action from the problems reported the PWDs. The cases reported are 21 cases from the PWDs property lose and wound from the rains.  And hundred other suffered restriction of movement and evacuation from the origin based to a temporary by members in the villages and relatives.

So far there has not been public support from the humanitarian working groups and the local authority in the Banadir region. This makes risk the lives of many people during the rains.

Therefore, the cluster call for action to the Somali stakeholder for the social protection and the humanitarian aid respond.