Training Somali Disability Inclusion Election Workshop

On 26 may 2022 electoral observation and human rights protect training workshop for the SCOs the civil society organizations is concluded in Mogadishu. The workshop   is strengthen the capacity of the SCOs clusters in Somalia for the  coordination  of electoral work  in the country.  this  program has trained 40 persons both male and female including  the disability people.

The workshop was implemented jointly by  the Disabled People Inclusion cluster and Human right Cluster with the support from the UNSOM HRPG office. The objective of the  workshop is    to fill in the gap for some SCOs. To be  active engagement in the Somali electoral process,  both parliamentary and presidential. The   two main elections  that is common in Somalia a  country that has under gone,  decades of wars and unrest that made very difficult  civilian rights and role to vote for the leadership they want.

The workshop plan was 20 person participant for each session from the date 25 and 26 May 2022. The participants who came from the SCOs clusters learned  education for election procedures in the country. The participants gained skills for electoral principles and  requirement for organizing, implementation and observation  pre and post-election.

The facilitators  made interactive engagements,    that feed the trainees  respected role in the sessions. With extended  contributions for the lessons, the process  and guide workshop and group work role made that made three different topics and discussions presented members in the participants.  . the workshop made deeper explanation of  all cycles of the election.  And harmonize national elections which has long lasted problems and obstacles against democratic election to happen in the country.