Training peace bundling the disability people


On Monday, November 8, 2021, members of the PWDs Persons with Disabilities and DPOs Disabled People Organizations representatives participated   one-day training workshop in Mogadishu training   civil society can engage  effectively  peace building and social cohesion .

 A total of 60 people attended the workshop, with 33 Male Persons  and 27 Female Persons. The workshop participants learnt how to develop community social cohesiveness and foster peace. Participants obtained knowledge and skills that will benefit their organizations and beneficiaries.

Peace building and social cohesion training are critical for disability groups that seek to empower and advocate for persons with disabilities.

The disabled persons voiced their  concern about the country’s organized and unorganized conflicts, which might affect them in a variety of ways, including limiting their mobility while escaping the wars and fighting in the adjacent places and the displacement caused the conflicts.


EISA workshop Somali Disability Clutter